How about a spot of campylobacter bacteria in your salad?

Washing meat and poultry is unnecessary from a cooking/taste perspective and is a real danger from a food safety viewpoint.

The Food Standards Agency have published that 59% of chicken is known to be contaminated with Campylobacter bacteria. In view of the recent breaches of food safety procedures in meat processing plants across the country it is likely that this percentage is far higher.

Washing meat and poultry is likely to spread bacteria such as campylobacter, causing cross contamination throughout the kitchen.  This is caused by splashing contaminated water onto work surfaces, taps and sink surrounds.  Contamination on hands is then transferred to taps and worktops.

If you wash chicken and then the sink is used for fresh food prep, such as washing salads and fruit, these ready to eat food can then be contaminated with the bacteria causing illness.

Campylobacter can spread very easily, and the danger is that just a few bacteria can cause serious illness.


The potential for cross contamination of bacteria by washing poultry and meat is a serious issue.

A school in Surrey was slapped with an Enforcement Order and reduced to a Level 0 Food Hygiene Rating as during a routine Environmental Health Inspection they were seen to wash chicken in the sink used for washing salads

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