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Stick it to ’em!

Incorrect date labelling of foods in your kitchen is one of the most common failure points picked up during an Environmental Health Inspection. And, importantly for the bottom line, good date labelling and storage procedures reduces potential wastage.  Follow our top 5 rules for safe storage of your foods.

  1. Ensure that all foods in your kitchen or stores are date labelled either a manufacturer’s label or your own label (except fresh unprepared fruit and veg).
  2. We recommend using coloured day dots. The coloured day is the USE BY DATE – make sure all your staff know this is your procedure.
  3. Have a 3 day date labelling policy – date of prep plus 2.
  4. Always day dot foods that are defrosting – you can give defrosting foods an additional day

To avoid potential wastage, make it a rule that the fridges are checked first thing in the morning to identify foods that need to be used that day.  Make the decision to either use the food, cook raw food to extend its life by 2 days or freeze the food.


Always stick to the recommended “use by date” and never have out of date food items in your kitchen.

Weekly Food Fact

This is the best time of year for fresh spinach.  Beloved by Popeye – and for good reason.  Spinach has an amazing combination of nutrients that make a body strong!  Spinach supplies vitamins K, A and C, and essential minerals such as folate, magnesium, and iron.

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