Suppliers Due Diligence

Hot in the news last week was the action taken by The Food Standards Agency to halt any food products leaving sites operated by Russell Hume butchery because of concerns about serious non-compliance with food hygiene regulations.  This had a huge knock-on effect on the catering trade.

Jamie Oliver Group, Tiger Tiger and J D Wetherspoons are among the caterers who were  affected and had their businesses disrupted by their supplier.  JD Wetherspoons removed popular steaks and gammon from their menu for a week whilst they sourced an alternative supplier.

When choosing food suppliers, it is essential to carry out your due diligence checks.  Obtain a copy of your supplier’s signed Food Safety Policy and ensure your contract includes a requirement they have, and retain, a Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating.

Visiting your supplier’s premises should be part of your due diligence when setting up contracts.


If the food delivered does not meet your standards during your quality check, send it back!

Food Fact

Did you know that when you eat a fig, technically you may also be eating a wasp!

Figs are pollinated by female wasps, who lose their wings in the process of pollination.  The wasp has no way to get out of the fig and so they die inside, and then the fig’s enzymes breakdown and dissolve the wasp.  Yum!