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From 19 July the Covid rules in England have relaxed. Here are some tips for going back to business as usual (with a few tweaks).

Your Covid Risk Assessment needs to be updated to reflect the changes from 19 July. If you are on our Digital System, your COVID Risks Assessments have been automatically updated. If you are using our paper based system we will have emailed you the updated Risk Assessments – please ask if you have not received this

It is your responsibility as a business to protect the health and safety of your staff and customers whilst they are on your premises

  • Staff must not come to work and must self isolate if suffering Covid symptoms, if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid or have been told to self isolate by NHS Track and trace
  • Enable customers to check into your venue (although no longer mandatory, except in Wales & Scotland). Provide the QR code posters or provide an alternative method for customers to check into your venue
  • Although table service is no longer mandatory in England, it is safe practice to avoid queuing at the bar (table service still mandatory in Wakes and Scotland)
  • Unlimited numbers indoors and outdoors (except Wales where currently the rule of 6 still applies and for Scotland rule of 10 indoors and 15 outdoors)
  • Continue to use barriers/screens to separate people as much as possible
  • Continue to provide hand sanitiser at entrances, bar areas and outside toilet areas
  • No legal requirement for customers or staff to wear face masks (except in Wales & Scotland where face masks are still mandatory)
  • Continue with your current cleaning and sanitising procedures – sanitise tables after each customer, sanitise bar frequently, sanitise all touchpoints frequently throughout the day
  • Condiments – if you prefer to use reusable condiment containers or sauce bottles, do not leave on table, deliver condiments when a meal is ordered and sanitise after each customer
  • Ensure you have “Wash your hands” posters in toilet areas
  • Ensure your staff wash hands frequently
  • Collect rubbish frequently
  • Enable Social distancing as much as possible – arrange tables thoughtfully



Although everyone will be sighing with relief that things are getting back to normal, customers’ perceptions of hygiene have changed, so it will be important to consistently meet these expectations.

Weekly Food Fact

Did you know that the number one source of where we get our antioxidants is from drinking coffee.

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