The turkey rules ……………………………

Plan and make totally sure you have sufficient time to follow these simple but important rules :-

If frozen, defrost thoroughly and safely on bottom shelf of refrigerator, covered and labelled

  • – Cook thoroughly to a core temperature of at least 75°C
  • – Record the core cooking temperature
  • – If hot holding, keep at 63°C or above and record temperatures
  • – If cooling, cool within 90 minutes then refrigerate
  • – When reheating – reheat thoroughly to minimum of 75°C

Don’t forget to record the core cooked temperature of high risk foods as part of your due diligence.

Food Fact

Did you know that a turkey has excellent vision?  Because its eyes are on the sides of its head, the turkey has periscopic vision, which allows it to see objects that are not in its direct line of vision.  By rotating its head, the turkey has a 360-degree field of vision!