Tip of the Week

What to do if your freezer fails…..

We have encountered a few incidences recently when a restaurant walk-in freezer has failed overnight.

Follow these pointers to reduce stock loss:-

  1. Check the temperature of the FOOD, not the air temperature.  Use a scan thermometer to check the surface temperature of the food.
  2. If the temperature of the FOOD is above 8°C,  dispose of the food
  3. If the temperature of the food is 8°C or less, treat it as defrosted food.  Date label for 2 days, move to a fridge and use within the 2 days.
  4. Be creative – write a Specials Board to use the defrosted foods.


Be creative – but stay safe.  Don’t be tempted to use food you think is spoiled.

Weekly Food Fact


Did you know that a cow gives enough milk to make 2 gallons of ice cream per day?

That’s 730 gallons per year.

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